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RitmoFit XP is a dynamic platform deeply devoted to supporting and nurturing women on their path to wellness and fulfillment. Offering a diverse array of classes, programs, and events, RitmoFit XP aims to elevate and maintain women's optimal well-being while celebrating their multi-dimensional existence. With a perfect balance of enjoyment and personal growth, RitmoFit XP encourages women to embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery.


Experience the transformative power of RitmoFit XP, where fitness, audio-visual art, live music, and creative self-expression converge in a safe and fun environment, fostering personal growth and joyful connections. This unique fusion of wellness, art, and celebration embraces life's vibrant possibilities, inviting women to embrace their true selves.

Inspired by Legendary Women
From Past, Present & Myth.​

This experience is a dynamic collaboration between entrepreneurs Mila Tina and Vanessa Acero.

Colombian athlete Vanessa Acero brings her years of experience in the health and wellness space to design a training program that works. She is a fitness instructor, wellness coach, fitness model, and founder of Alumbra Sport. 


Mila Tina is a Chilean-American performance artist, music producer, creative director, drummer, and martial artist based in New York. She is passionate about movement, art, music, and wellness, believing in their power to transform and build-up communities.

Our Mission

RitmoFit XP mission is to inspire, encourage, and create a community for women to find support and celebrate their beauty and power via exercise, audio-visual art, live music, and creative self-expression in an inclusive, safe, and fun environment.

“We aim to provide women with the tools and resources they need to tap into their innate feminine power so they can feel confident, strong, and beautiful inside and out” said Mila and Vanessa, creators and founders of RitmoFit XP. “Our classes and events are open to women of all backgrounds, and no prior experience is necessary.”


Mila Tina & Vanessa Acero, Founders of RitmoFit XP

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