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Transform Your Community with RitmoFit XP

Dynamic Fitness Programs for Women's Wellness and Unity.

Revolutionizing Women's
Wellness with RitmoFit XP

RitmoFit XP invites all women-led organizations, not-for-profits, and community-based groups to work with us in revolutionizing women's well-being and empowerment through the power of rhythm and movement. Our programs, collaborative workshops, and events are chiseled to be in line with the activities for the elevation of spirits and self-confidence toward holistic well-being and in harmony with the mission of your organization. Let's unite women around the cause of embracing and celebrating uniqueness to bring out potential. Contact us today, and let's plan together for a compelling event that would positively impact your community.


Women in Nonprofits

Our fitness and wellness programs are tailored for women in nonprofits, serving members of advocacy groups, charitable organizations, and volunteer networks. Enhance your community's well-being by partnering with us.

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Women in Community-Based Groups

Our fitness and wellness programs are designed for women in community-based groups, addressing the specific needs of local clubs, social organizations, and grassroots movements. Connect with us to elevate wellness in your community.


Women in Advocacy and Social Justice

Our fitness and wellness programs for women in advocacy and social justice—including those in human rights organizations, environmental groups, and social change networks—promote well-being and foster a supportive environment. Connect with us to discover how we can enhance your community's wellness initiatives.


Women in Healthcare and Support Services

Our fitness and wellness programs are tailored for women in healthcare and support services, encompassing roles in health education, patient advocacy, and community health initiatives. Join us in fostering a balanced and resilient community.


Women in Arts and Culture

Our fitness and wellness programs cater to women in arts and culture, supporting roles in cultural organizations, performing arts groups, and community arts programs. Join us in promoting holistic well-being across your community.


Women in Environmental Sustainability

Our fitness and wellness programs support women in environmental sustainability, including roles in conservation groups, sustainability initiatives, and environmental advocacy. Collaborate with us to strengthen community bonds and well-being initiatives.


Southampton Arts Center Logo

"We chose to work with Ritmo Fit XP again because we had such a tremendous response from community members wanting this type of approach to health and wellness. This last event in Greenport exceeded all expectations! Participants of all ages and levels felt great about engaging. For our organization, it is also important to demonstrate the representation to our Latinx and other immigrant community members. We are able to collaborate with Ritmo Fit XP in a way that celebrates diversity and power in a positive and affirming way. Oh, and it’s a great workout!!"

Minerva Pérez

OLA Executive Director


Why Partner with RitmoFit XP?

Partnering with RitmoFit XP means harnessing the transformative power of rhythm and movement to elevate the well-being of women in your organization. Our approach combines research-backed methods with a dedication to fostering confidence and building inclusive communities. We offer customized programs designed to inspire personal growth and resilience, delivering impactful experiences through engaging workshops and events. Choose RitmoFit XP as your partner in empowering women, and together, we can ignite a passion for wellness and self-discovery that profoundly benefits your organization and the women you serve.

Unite Through Live Drumming

Our interactive workouts foster a sense of community and connection among participants. By moving together to the global rhythms and live beat of the drums, attendees will experience the power of collective energy and teamwork. This sense of unity extends beyond the workout, creating lasting bonds and encouraging ongoing community support.

Inclusive Three-Level Difficulty

RitmoFit XP is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all fitness levels. Whether participants are seasoned athletes or new to fitness, our workouts can be modified to meet their needs. This inclusivity ensures that
everyone can participate and benefit from the experience.

Effective Full-Body Workouts

Participants will experience the power of full-body weight workouts that effectively burn calories and tone muscles. Designed with varying levels of intensity, these exercises allow each individual to choose the challenge that best suits their fitness level. From beginners to advanced athletes, everyone can find a suitable option.participants to choose from.

Cultural Enrichment

Incorporating global rhythms and diverse cultural elements, RitmoFit
XP introduces participants to a variety of musical and dance traditions from around the world. This cultural exchange enhances understanding and appreciation of different heritages, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse community.

Holistic Health and Wellness

Our holistic approach to fitness promotes both physical and mental well-being. By integrating breath work and mindful movement, RitmoFit XP helps participants reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall health.

Empowerment Through Movement

RitmoFit XP draws inspiration from legendary women of history and myth, encouraging participants to discover and celebrate their inner strength. This focus on self-empowerment helps individuals build confidence and resilience, translating to a more empowered and motivated community.

Logo of James Lane Post

“RitmoFit XP is a transformation in motion…” “…that combines fitness and global rhythm…” “ awaken legendary female energy both internally and externally, to create an experience through empowered movement.”


RitmoFit XP is more than just a fitness dance class; it's a sanctuary of feminine strength and joy. Within its vibrant rhythms and pulsating beats, I felt embraced and uplifted by the empowering energy of the space. The fusion of dynamic movement and live drums created a sacred atmosphere where I could fully express myself and connect with my body. It's not just a workout; it's a celebration of womanhood, leaving me feeling empowered and renewed after every session.

Uyanga Bold


RitmoFit XP was totally different from anything I’ve done before. I was nervous because I don’t get to workout as often as I’d like and I’m a beginner. But when we got started, I kept pushing myself harder because I was having so much fun throughout the entire set. Having two instructors with different difficulty levels made the experience so comfortable for me and I loved how connected with myself and my femininity it made me feel.

Abigail Vasquez

IT Support

Wow!!! That was certainly one of the best classes I’ve ever attended!  The energy and vibe were so rich and strong!  The instructor’s lead was nothing short of positive, uplifting energy. I can’t wait for the next class. 

Denis Flores

Business Manager

The event was great! I loved that all the moves were not only doable while challenging, they were also empowering. It was a fitness class and motivational class all in one. I highly recommend it!

Perla Benitez
Finance Professional

I had a great experience at RitmoFit XP Ancient Divas Event. I met nice people, enjoyed amazing music and ambience, a killer workout and a massage! Definitely coming back in the future!

Ana Jaramillo

Project Manager & Mother

Alumbra Sport and Mila Tina put on an amazing event at the Southampton Arts Center! Dj Twilo was spinning incredible music. Non stop fun doing a HIIT workout to a talented woman on the drums! 

Kimberly Marshak

Personal Trainer & Figure Competitor

It was a super class! RitmoFit is a very innovative workout with abundant 

feminine energy. A truly wonderful experience! 

Alicia Saldierna

Business Coach

RitmoFit XP is an exciting and engaging workout experience led by inspiring women. The environment is so encouraging. I left feeling empowered, confident and energized!

Melissa  Delihas

Architectural Designer

What an incredible experience to be in a room with women, sharing, interacting, supporting, and loving one another. Thank you RitmoFit for the platform you are creating for women and women in business. 

Jazmin Alexis

Founder of Chrysalis Beauty

I had the most incredible and unique experience that I had never participated in before. The RitmoFit XP Class was truly fascinating, and I find myself eager for more opportunities to participate again. This experience significantly contributes to our well-being, leaving us feeling super light and happy. 😍

Eliette Silveira

Cleaning Services

This experience is absolutely amazing, you don't want to miss it! I totally recommend this event to all the ladies out there who want to have a blast!

Maryanne Aguilar

General Manager

OMG I loved it! It was so fun and exciting! The music was great and the moves felt new and different.

Lucy Davies

Fashion Designer


Bring the Power of Rhythm and Movement to Your Organization with RitmoFit XP.

Contact us today and start transforming women's wellness through our innovative programs.
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